forces for peace

Here we go. Sparking thinking, wrenched from so-called lazy summer relaxation, back to ideology (not that one can ever leave).

So: Deep Green Resistance.

Somewhere in this website or its activist’s guide is the charge to take this on because to do so is morally right.

Something about the firm faith of this directive moves me to recall that theory is theoretical. Forces that create change, in the end, must force.

If I see that recognition from my inmost awareness that this or that is just and so morally right, in accord with my deepest personal sense of being, without argument or explanation, and if I see that this recognition is ideology hailing me, effectively creating my experience of being, and that it is only and always already ideological, and that in some senses anyway I am trapped by its inescapability, should that stop me from believing in anything? which by the same devices proves impossible anyway?

I’m tired of deconstructing. But my faith in anything is anything but firm. It wobbles this way and that way, waddling and slipping over the horizon like the mirage of water on the road that I still keep following, endlessly looking, as we all are doomed to do, for utopia.

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8 Responses to forces for peace

  1. dgrsalon says:

    Is ideology force?

  2. prarieblake says:

    Could you be a little more depressed?

  3. owl says:

    I struggle with this problem constantly. I am currently inclined to think that the desire to create new societies is an innate drive, the utopian urge or impulse (and I must credit Bertell Ollman and Ruth Levitas for the phrasing), but these social experiments so often fail. Participants seem to forget or refuse to recognise that social hierarchies cannot be deconstructed or evaded all together. Issues of leadership, economics, relationship, education, responsibility–especially around divisions of labour and chores that people simply do not really want to have to do,– and so on will never get resolved under the rubric of a perfect society that is not also a totalising organisation. But it is too easy to back out into the safety of theoretical cynicism, especially when the theories so engagingly expose social problematics that really beg a plaintive protest. So yes: how can you use it, and how can you fight it? Do nothing? Do something? Join, watch, discuss, and then, if you are following the appropriate security protocol, DON’t discuss?

    Žižek is so marvellous and fun though. As for travelling that path though, I’ve only just started. There is so much work, and so very much more reading, to do!


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