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the west coast?

counterculture: utopia emergent myths the vocabulary of origins and the new age back-to-the-city the west coast doesn’t exist Einstein’s Dreams looking for utopia in the crystal shops “Aren’t we the people we’ve been waiting for?”

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can I have forever and ever and ever, please?

It takes so long to write all the things. Is this indicative of growth, experience, complexity, and investment? Every little detail that seems it should barely be more than a jot takes an hour.

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he recreated me

Trying to parce Althusser’s essay–again–is slow going. I am slogging through his preambles (which is to say his detailed and dutiful explanations of the theoretical thought process that responds to, organises, and uses Marxism as a scientific methodology, and leads … Continue reading

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how still reading begins to fit things together

. . . While critics concerned with ideology and literature argue that the latter [the classic Marxist view of ideology as signifying ‘the values, ideas and images which tie (individuals) to their social functions and so prevent them from a … Continue reading

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Construction site and Peet’s black with lavender

It occurs to me, as I am reading more definitions of ideology and subject, and trying to understand the theoretical difference (which really means the intentionally conscious experiential difference) between subject and individual, that all that hammering in the distance … Continue reading

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