So far no news on anyone floating up in the sky today, and no earthquake yet. Instead the usual drizzle and cars going by and everything else is quiet.

It’s the response to the designation of this day as the end of the world that is worth looking into; it doesn’t bother me that somebody wants to believe this or that about heaven or hell on earth or anywhere else; it is more concerning that there is so much contempt and even malice toward the ones who believe it. This is us railing against intolerance, ignorance, oppression, war.

Why not be rapturous? Why not embrace it, open your eyes to it, open your heart and mind to the possibility of change, even if that means shaking things up, killing yourself, raising the dead? Is there no way of reading this story other than literally?

Think of poorna-salabhasana, the full locust pose. Look up and lift up. The whole body lifting off the floor in a beautiful backward bend against gravity, arms wide, opening the chest and ribcage and stretching the heart and lungs, creating a perfect marriage.

On the other hand, poking fun is best when there is heart:

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1 Response to apocalypse

  1. prarieblake says:

    I love the cats watching their friends going to heaven, but I think they have it backwards. I think the pets would be the ones ascending, if there is any justice in this world.


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