A borrowed poem, a borrowed image

for white/gold brilliance.
You (you) know this light I am talking about, the glow. (She-bear Capi grumbles berrybellied and impatient for me, so today h e r e space goes to white/gold.)

For peaceful fortitude and an intelligent heart, the knowledge pursuit persevered, the art of compassion, emergent response to thought, word, image, pages, filters, storied, promised, bequeathed, unutterable entropic magnetic death beauty, roughened, smooth, chronic, keeping time, holding space,
for now.

white/gold brilliance borrowed from Jasmine (name, flower, perfume, colleague, friend)

J: You speak like a story that has heard its own end.

PMoD: When I was young, I was a star going hot until cold like a planet: imagine for your sake a planet going hot like a star. A star like a planet like a creek pouring down, pouring down granite heights into the sea.

J: You were like a creek, a creek bright as glass.

PMoD: I was like glass, beading liquorice ferns; like glass when I felt Jesus bugs walk; like glass the way sunshowers fed rainbows; I was clear like glass, seeping through sand, clouding clay, feeding roots reaching under my creekbed.

J: Like a prism of glass, you set apart mosses from mugworts, refracted red alders out from deer that fed on them.

PMoD: I fed deer like a creek; like a crystal I shattered. For in summer, the creek diminishes, like lichen pulls back from a rock.

J: You felt your waters lessen, burn off, abate, lessen and abate like capillaries going dry.

PMoD: At first I thought it was a long, long summer. And even later, hot and fiery, for eons, eons, I remembered, still, how to speak in nouns: spider, noun. Deer, noun. Eons of nouns, until nothing was left.

J: You nouned your world, yourself, into similes.

PMoD: Yes. Nouns died; the sea sank; like the sun I burned around, I sintered slowly.

J: Soon all the nouns were gone, but rock itself.

PMoD: Soon amber burned off into amethyst; I found myself making metaphors for water.

J: Glittering, liquescent, the slow flow of silicon and oxygen from quartz to glass and back–then gone.

PMoD: Quartz gone under the desert sun.

J: Gone.

PMoD: Rocks gone in the heat like trees under the hand of a meteorite.

J: Gone.

PMoD: Creek burned, shattered, and refined. Like a star, but a planet. Diamond from carbon like life refined into bone.

J: Since you went diamond, you speak only in similes.

PMoD: I speak like a story that has heard its own end.

white/gold brilliance borrowed from Wildlife Artist Neil Ashton (with thanks, well met)

#37 White Light–Egret preening

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