Watching over this inlet

The conventional scores in homemade videos about boating or cruising or sailing these parts tend to prefer folk or country, with whispery female sincerity so precious on the ear, or throttled frank and heartfelt with a meaty twang; some is more listenable to me than others. Style, production quality, and aesthetics tend to . . . well; this is Youtube, a place for the people, people. We don’t need a lot of fancy ladies around here.

And as if ten-thousand-foot-high rock faces whose graycliff bodies flatten equidistant into depths going down deep enough again to drop anchor and stand in the face-driving spray flung from waterfalls charging the sea, here, focal subjects in these low-fi offerings include human sundry such as plastic gunwales, clip-on-boat-railing sport-sized smoking barbecues, gold-filled-gilt grins, and microfiber endorsed all-weather wear, thanking our many sponsors.

Lacking my own pretty pea boat for the moment though, and my own interpretation of the spatial spectacle of these places, and never having engaged in the literary embarrassment of following routes explained of someone else’s storied places poemed on in someone’s pages, looking for a stone to touch to tell myself what I have done, I humbly offer the following footage, which I have appropriated from the web.

Princess Louisa inlet was one of Capi’s favourite places. She got mad when she found another boat in there one year.

And may I urge, advocate, insist, and demand that you that you watch until the very end, for the last few seconds–you must not skip ahead–because these last few seconds are pure, pure, pure text.

And for that, boss, my respect and gratitude.

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2 Responses to Watching over this inlet

  1. Rick Searle says:

    Well, that just went on my bucket list. Gorgeous!

  2. owl says:

    It is a truly spectacular neighbourhood, all around.


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