too much on my mind

so I keep meaning to write about things like,

a: criticisms of ACOH and appropriation

b: occupying and utopia (you’re missing it!)

c: anarchy, voluntary surveillance, and everyday possibilities of decentralized governance

d: rurality, indigenization, wildness, the victim mentality, and crazies

. . .

but I have too much on my mind.

So here’s this:

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2 Responses to too much on my mind

  1. owl says:

    Kitten breaks the ice. Just emailed the dragonlady with my topic: Utopian political critique and mental illness in Mark Vonnegut’s _The Eden Express_. IT’S OUT THERE. Now, how do the words in that title resonate, through their associations?

  2. jasminembla says:

    M. is for Mystery! And also, huzzah and congrats. 🙂


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