maybe not revolution, but its possibility

hope springs eternal and all that

and if hope dies then drudgery and

only motioning, shallow breath in the screaming room

rote life

wander at walls but no resistance to push

revelation on the brink of the mind, surging past the event horizon into glassy intergalactica

grab the tail of the donkey and squeeze, ready is the tacky red eye

sleepless and free

hilarious possibility

unfocussed charmed begrudgery

looking for an armory

terrible voices in harmony

brave and decent and naive

wondering: now


(a nod)

not yet

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2 Responses to maybe,

  1. prarieblake says:

    Nice. I say now.

  2. dgrsalon says:

    It’s stronger every day. I catch myself wanting to shape it, direct it, but that’s just ego. DGR should be more engaged by being a part of it. By supporting it for what it is. No co-opting, yet. (Not that they are trying very hard.) As for me, I’m watching closely, hopeful in a sort of detached way.


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