After searching the bedroom, the living room, the study, the bathroom, all the coats, all the packs, all the baskets, all the bookcases again, and after admitting to myself and out loud that my beautiful expensive Prada sunglasses were lost,

and after feeling like a terrible human girl with obsessive attachments to beautiful expensive things, terrible irresponsible attitudes toward those attachments, and problematic karma with former greed-, cynicism-, or inferiority-related behaviours resulting in losing things and deserving to lose them and to suffer the discomfort of experiencing more loss, more obsession, more materialistic desire, and more inferiority,

and after piecing the bodily self and the bookbag together and repeatedly checking the reflection several times over the rims of equally expensive and even equally beautiful sunglasses that are, still, not the lost Prada pair,

and after searching, again, the car,

I arrived at Discovery and, stuttering (due to self-perpetuating inferiority, and the fact that I had imagined asking about lost and found and saying, “I really doubt anyone would have turned them in, but . . .” and had counselled myself, specifically, not to say that), asked if maybe (stuttering anyway), “though I doubt it,” they might have . . . ? And, busily, to me in the busy line-up, as if it was no big thing, they did.

. . .

It’s silly how pleasing it is, the sudden swarm of simultaneity connecting discovery, utopia, karma, nostalgia, lost things, found things, faith, relief, friendship, community, coffee, sunshine, blogging, possibility.

Silly means what? Play with the way life goes, put fewer things in the bag for the walk down the road, stop dragging the heart and dragon it instead. Lion your bed. And bring your power supply.

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