antifascist urban commune

From the FIC directory, under the subcategory “communes”; I like the indirect reference to Marxism (“With everyone’s abilities for everyone’s needs”), and the specification that this is an “antifascist” commune. Not like those other, fascist, communes. Nice to know someone else noticed such things . . .

antifascist urban commune berlin
Berlin, Germany

We are building up an urban commune in Berlin, Germany.

This is a way to exist collectively. By overcoming individualized economies, it is meant to have a perspective without nuclear family and capitalist wage labor. We want to run companies, projects and places; we want a collective organization of everyday life. We are looking for people who would like to participate. With everyone’s abilities for everyone’s needs.


We also hold meetings in the English language.
Status: active and living, seeking new members
Former/Other Names: antifaschistische Stadtkommune Berlin, CyborgSociety

. . . I also like the website name. Too bad they don’t accept visitors. And, well, too bad they don’t exist anymore anyway, it seems. The website page caption translates from the German as, “We have divided us and this will soon be reflected in our pages.” Poetic, but I think that’s the end of that.

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