Probably I will write and publish more than I write and save drafts for editing later, because the point is to WRITE. I had planned to write last night; boo, did not happen. Instead I drank seventeen bottles of wine. Oh well.

I’m starting the new year with two things: a sixty-day challenge and an intention to write every day. So if I skip a day posting, does that entail doing a double? I do often think that everything is yoga, but I don’t want to have that kind of relationship with my yoga practice either, where it’s all about should/didn’t/pressure/fail/judgement. I tell my students to stop judging themselves. But then I tell them to struggle harder, so how’s that?

Anyway, if at a loss for words I can always write about the yoga. Beware, that might happen.

I grabbed the Press This app and put it in my bookmarks bar, but the first thing I tried using it for didn’t produce the result I wanted and expected, so I deleted it. The tips article says that it will post anything visible on the web just by highlighting it, but the image I highlighted just appeared as its text caption. It’s the Utopia/Dystopia image on the home page of the site I linked on the Miscellany page. I’m pondering a lot the seeming interchangeability of these two terms.

This looks like fun:

Going for a walk now. In “paradise.”

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