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When cooking with spices,

remember the times when you learned them. Garam Masala, pepper and powder, cinnamon, cardamum, clove bud, ginger, mustard, cumin, celery seed, saving sweet, icing sugar, vanilla beans triplewrapped, pressed into pages, hot tea in a glass jar taking bee sweet … Continue reading

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Found poem: in which the police come inside to turn out the lights and open a window to watch our neighbour whose wife has just died and who has said to a friend that he might not make it through the night

Late last night while winding down after visiting with friends there was a loud knock on the door, or more like a rap. n. 1 a quick, sharp knock or blow: there was a confident rap at the door. It … Continue reading

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Food grows all over this city. (In three parts.)

Part One. Polite. All this time on my hands is turning into an inrushing of ideas and long list of projects. This summer on the coast has had the warmest weather of the last several years, maybe even the best … Continue reading

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