Long summer heat

Long summer holiday this year, between the coast and the mountains.

Revisions gave structure to the first weeks, and showed me a new kind of writing in the summer, with a breezy bright focus and a drone of loud peace. It was for me a different way to spend time on Cortes, combating the pull of the lazy lake water and the garden heat with the pull of abstract deadlines, only vaguely articulated, and sometimes prickled with paranoia and overlarge dreams. A little drama with your relaxation, to sharpen your sense and intensify the emotions between your self and your day. And this year we made friends.

The paper(paperpaperpaper) is in, and I am waiting to defend, and oscillating between knowing what to do next and having no idea. Thank you, blog, for being so patient.

What stands out besides being nearly finished are the creative excitements that have emerged this last while. Here a couple of thanks, and links.

Thanks to Erika Grundmann, author of Dark Sun: Te Rapunga and the Quest of George Dibbern, for good conversation about the local (British Columbia) boating types with whom Capi kept company, and about writing and research, and family, and building life by hand, piece by piece. Well met.

Thanks to Clown on Fire, I wrote a guest post about living with ADD on Black Box Warnings. Writing it and putting it out to fend for itself in the blogosphere was a mix of scary and thrilling, and I appreciate all the response. Salut, Le Clown!

Also, this very special new blog was born: pollenbrush. It is pretty slick.

I am sitting in the afternoon mountain heat in Nelson now, before getting back on the road tomorrow morning to drive to Montana. This place is so very very full of my past. Memories and recognition are making crazy overtures to my heart, and to its longings for harmony and jazz and more and more and more long summer heat.

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4 Responses to Long summer heat

  1. nightwork says:

    Congrats on the turned in paper and good luck with your defense. I’m about 3 months out (fingers crossed) from being there myself.

  2. yeltnuh says:

    What accomplishments! I hope you can turn your lovely brain to other things for a while.


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