another thing

another thing about cat that one rags and tags
confusing to look at coloured unpatterned peach and offcream cloudy day
pool of warm round delect- elect select forget regret lap cautious sh/quiet
shows sharps on regular, schedule/d tin thin and tiny
extend little pain pricks and climbing
up faced stretchy fine shine green beamed from eyes
quiet roaring inside gets under skin; too hard to look
at triangle face and smile/thug chin
small alien over from somewhere slipped in here
underhair, feather air, long pirouette, shoulder weight little, wingsmall
power tinyd in sleep sank my will into coffee
made me forget for a sec again who was lost in the night
she visits him anyway crossing streets kamikaze
shined eyeballs like they do and darting
to look at missed mouser with einstein and franky ho say ho say oh sh/quiet
for me

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