I am trying to weed out my sources for the paper. My goal this week is to break through from thoughts and feelings to reason and lucidity; from surfing, wallowing, playing, and recoiling to focuses with subjects, objects, and verbs; with topics, transitions, observations, and persuasions. Promises. I am in the Caprice with Capi and the children looking for a sheltered cove in warmer water. It is just around the corner. 

Meanwhile, here is my favourite Tim Minchin piece, now an animated short film.

For me, the play of wit, rant, beauty, critique, and the purity of the final appeal in this piece finely express the utopian impulse, both its canker and its rose.

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  1. owl says:

    Also, if you are offended by it, I’ll wager it’s because you did not watch/listen until the end, utopians.


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