found poem, overheard: in which she takes his hand across the table while he talks about Occupy

Everyone there was so full of love.
And care.
It was really beautiful.
Anyway it was really intense.
And there was this crazy shooting.
This kid got shot. It was really sad.
Oh well.

Anyway tell me about your travels.
Oh wow look at that. Is that real?
It’s beautiful, look at that.
It’s a beautiful cupcake.
really, I like it, look at it.
No wonder you love Belgian waffles,
or, Belgian brownies.
They are like this cupcake.
It’s so beautiful.
It has a cherry on top.
Nobody puts cherries on top anymore.
Well, some people do.
Not nobody.
I was making a generalization.

My nails are really short.
I cut them so I won’t scratch myself when I’m sleeping.
It actually saved someone’s life.
Well, she didn’t live for that much longer, but.
It was my friend’s grandmother. She was obsessively scratching herself in her sleep and they didn’t know what to do.
So I said cut her nails. And it worked. She was really happy.
I did it so I wouldn’t scratch this scab.
I had a little bike accident.
I didn’t save her life.
I just made a small suggestion.
I didn’t actually cut her nails.
Well you should give yourself more credit, too, look at you.
You’re so amazing.

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