is today?

Today I called myself a writer. Or at least, I responded “Yes” when a woman asked as she vacated a table that I wanted by the window. Now I feel self conscious sitting in the coffee shop with this pretentious title, but I am proud of myself for saying it too. It is a simple realisation: I am what I say I am and what I spend my time doing.

With the intention of working on BNW, and with the awareness that I will procrastinate too and it might as well be with something I enjoy or that might inspire insight into the work, I brought the following selection of reading material today:

Brave New World and Brave New World Revisited, Aldous Huxley

Lenin and Philosophy and other essays, Louis Althusser

Check out the cover art!

I know. Now you want to see the cover art for the other books too. Maybe another time.

grain: the journal of eclectic writing. I “won” it at the poetry reading on Tuesday at Open Space. they picked my name from the hat. Aaron gave me the skill testing answers so I gave him the bottle of wine and kept the magazine.

Vampire Loves, Joan Sfarr. Is it correct to italicise the title of a graphic novel?

And a stack of papers that I need to reacquaint myself with.

How do scholars stay focussed when they become interested in something that makes them ravenous for more? How do you not change your mind as you go and forget your initial query? Last night we watched Zeitgeist: The Movie, and I experienced a sense of growing conviction about certain ideas about 9/11. I wonder how much my thoughts will be swayed as I return to BNW.

I have a few tasks:

collect definitions of utopia

start choosing my terms and thinking provisionally about them . . . thank you, NB

begin annotations for the annotated bibliography, if only for my own sake to collect my thoughts


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